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 NEW ---- Press Release May 2018----


A portable complete system that can operate using Lithium-ion batteries and be independent of any specific type of delivery vehicle.
A South Australian company – GELCOservices - has launched in conjunction with Club Logistics Services, a recently developed totally portable Electric Vehicle (EV) recharge system designed to enable a stranded EV driver who has a depleted high voltage battery to receive a charge at roadside for a short period of time and thus allowing the EV “self-recover” from a roadside breakdown flat battery incident.
To now the only way to recover the stranded EV was to send out a tow truck. Now a roadside
attending rescue patrol can simply plug in the battery EV, wait for around 10-15 minutes and
effectively the EV can then drive off to the nearest fixed location EV charge station.
The great feature of the Mobile Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (MEVSE) design is in the capability of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 48 volt battery pack to be re-charged from the standard rescue vehicle on-board existing 12 volt charging system.

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 ---- Press Release March 2018----

DIGATRON Power Electronics GmbH begin exclusive representation
Australian & New Zealand Sales & Service representation with
GELCOservices Adelaide Australia.
March 2018


Gelco Founder and CEO: Robert Gell

Digatron CEO, Managing Director: Kevin Campbell 

Gelco Founder and Technical Director: Phil Gell


March 2018, Adelaide Australia

Digatron Power Electronics GmbH are seen here with Kevin Campbell, CEO during the signing celebrations for the launch of their exclusive Technical Sales & Service representation within Australian and New Zealand with Gelco Services, an Adelaide based Technical Service company with a wealth of knowledge on Battery solutions.

Gelco shall offer both Sales and full technical support, including local commissioning, calibration and service of all Digatron’s latest Battery Testing and Formation products, including the most advanced and unique Battery Test Equipment in the industry using Silicon Carbide Mosfet technology (SiC), which is already installed in both Australia and New Zealand

GELCOservices is an Automotive Industry Consulting firm, specialising in Electrochemical Engineering, particularly related to the testing of automotive batteries, Electric Vehicle charge systems and infrastructure.
The Company has a fully equipped Technical Laboratory for the effective Validation process of automotive batteries and other automotive equipment such as battery testing devices, battery related accessories, and battery related Metallurgical investigations and EV charge systems development.

GELCOservices Pty. Ltd.                         Phone:   +61 8 8338-4388         
PO Box 404,                                          Mobile:   +61 407 726 106
Fullarton, South Australia 5063
                 E-mail: bob@gelcoservices.com.au
AUSTRALIA                                          Web: www.GELCOservices.com.au           

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Updated Product from GELCOservices                June 2016

GS1020 – SAE-J1772 - adapter to Australian 3 pin socket – Rated to 15A

IP66 when connected both ends.
Tested & Tagged for compliance.
User can use 10A three pin plug as alternate.



See EV Products page for pricing.

Product from GELCOservices                                May 2016

GS1015 - 15A Charge Cable Set

Portable EVSE Charge cable – 15 amp rated.  SAE J1772 compliant

       15A - Inrush 16.2A
       14.8A-15.1A continuous **

Charges the Outlander HV pack (12kWh) in 148 minutes.*

** Actual current output depends on battery SOH, SOC, SOF, temp and age.  

See EV Products page for pricing - including special pricing for AEVA members.




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